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[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by John Mazlish, Wasin Pummarin and Doron Gild]

On July 19th, 2012 – the very same day that Slideluck came to the Northside – The New York Times declared that “All Roads Lead to Wythe Avenue.” Will we ever know whether SLIDELUCK Northside marked the beginning of something new or the end of something great? Regardless, the hot little corner where Brooklyn Brewery rests will likely never be quite the same.

For the third show in our Brooklyn Series (following Bushwick and Red Hook), we focused on the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in search of good food and talented artists. We culled together a diverse selection of 26 artists whose work ranged from collage, to painting, to street art, to architectural, fashion and documentary photography, and then of course back to collage again. The slideshow was dense with talent, craftsmanship, confidence and dedication – but it was perhaps Abigail Lloyd‘s ode to her Pomeranian, “Buffy” (set to the the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle) that may have stolen the show. Irony always wins the day in the Northside of King’s County.

The evening began with a robust potluck, bolstered in part by our friends at Depanneur, Lokal and Peter Pan Bakery. The table was heaped high with watermelon salads, vegan chili, roasted vegetables, cheddar scallion biscuits, homemade beer nuts, lemon sour cream cookies and other culinary delights.

The eclectic mix of 250 or so attendees had a selection of 8 distinct brews on tap to choose from as well as wines from Brooklyn Oenology and mineral water from Societe Perrier. Despite some shortcomings on the audio/visual front, a warm, convivial atmosphere managed to permeate the room as the focus turned to the (little) silver screen.

Proceedings ran a few minutes late as we awaited the arrival of a team of Bloomberg’s representatives to burst through the door and read a letter of support for Slideluck Potshow. In the meantime, we took a moment to publicly acknowledge the efforts and achievements of Slideluck’s outgoing Global Producer, Carly Planker, and to present her with gift cards at two of Northside’s finest – Marlow & Sons and Shoe Market – as well as a room in her favorite karaoke spot. In the same breath, we welcomed Lila Allen, our new Global Producer, with frothy cups of beer held high.

An impromptu addition to the night’s program was a mesmerizing dance performance, by the young and usually shy, Peto – one of the kids featured in Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu‘s multimedia piece, “Dancing to our Heart Beats.” His performance put a smile across the collective faces of the remaining guests before wending towards the door.

Tearing a page out of that morning’s New York Times, our group of “young, hip, creative-types” packed Kinfolk Studios – a design studio, bar and Scandinavian restaurant – for the official afterparty. And after that, a small, hearty group made their way to the rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel for the after-afterparty.

The End

Or, The Beginning?

  • Lila

    Loved the breakdancer!

  • jehan

    monster was such a photogenic cat.

  • John Mazlish

    Another great night!!

  • Casey

    Glad to have had the opportunity to party with Monster at least once.

  • Jen

    Awesome, both my dishes got a mention!

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