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The Brooklyn Brewery Dinner Party

Led by our fearless, recently Bearded Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery has long believed that good beer and good food belong together at the dinner table. In the 26 years we’ve been brewing, we have been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the finest minds in the culinary world for over 900 beer dinners around the world. For the last year and a half, The Mash has allowed us inside some of the most interesting kitchens in the world to create more than a few memorable meals. But we’ve never had a place of our own. It’s with this in mind that we’re launching our Dinner Party series, headquartered at the American tasting room Humboldt & Jackson a stone’s throw from The Brewery here in Williamsburg. Once a month, our Chef Andrew Gerson will design a 5-7 course meal that features creations inspired by the unique ingredients and talented producers found in our local community. Chef Gerson will put his head together with artisans, fishermen, innovators and craftsmen and approach each dinner with a fresh menu that will pay homage to our local food system and-of course-make for a thrilling meal. Thrilling, rare and experimental beers will be paired to each course. Expect selections from the depth of our cellars and the far reaches of our innovative streak.

We’re kicking this thing off in serious style with Ryan Miller, Product Development Chef for Momofuku’s Kaizen Trading Company & The Culinary Lab, for Dinner Party No.1. The Lab is a research kitchen founded by Momofuku in 2010, dedicated to the exploration and understanding of our culinary traditions, applying traditional East Asian fermentation techniques to ingredients from all over the world to create savory sauces and seasonings. As an outcome of this extensive experimentation, Kaizen Trading Company was founded to showcase the results of their continued research. Soon after rolling out their first hozons and bonjis, not only has the Momofuku family of restaurants adopted these flavorful superpowers but so have some of the most famed kitchens in NYC (Eleven Madison Park, Alder, Estela, Thirty Acres, to name a few). Chef Gerson has been geeking out over at The Lab over the past few weeks, returning to The Brewery inspired and ready to cook. The menu is still coming together but we can tell you that our inaugural effort will not disappoint.

Join us for Dinner Party No. 1 on Wednesday, July 16th at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $85 and can be purchased here.

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