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We’ve brought The Food Experiments brand of exciting and death-defying amateur cooking competition on the road. The 4th stop on the tour, Philadelphia just happened. Below is what transpired.

From The Food Experiments

The Philadelphia Story
Nick and I had a great time in Philadelphia. Philly is so much more than a Rocky-worshiping, sandwich-stuffing, sports-loving town. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that stuff. I am still waiting for Rocky VII with a cheesesteak in my hand, while watching baseball (the Mets). In addition to all that, Philadelphia is vibrant town. We ate great food, found cool bars, and felt at home in Philly.
On Friday,we ate as many sandwiches as humanly possible.
On Saturday, we got a chance to see the Mutter Museum.
On Sunday, we celebrated the Philadelphia Cheese Experiment.
And everyday, we drank delicious beer.

When we woke up Sunday morning, we could smell the cheese in the air, or was that our neighbor in the next hotel room? Out early and excited, we arrived at World Cafe Live (a great venue for the event) by 9:30 AM. As I said, cheese was wafting in the thick morning air. We were eager to get things started because “The Concoction” a special small batched beer was waiting for us. Frankly, it has quickly become one of my favorite Brooklyn Brewery Beers. But, let’s get to the Cheese of the matter and talk about the Experiment, where a fierce cheese battled raged.

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