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The Story Behind The Story of the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN Song Contest

Well, we did it. The BROOKLYN, SWEDEN G Train Competition is over and done with! You guys made this our most exciting promotion yet, and for that, we’ll keep a virtual barstool open for you here at Brooklyn Bloggery. Some interesting information came out when looking at the back end*, so we thought we’d share it with you:

+ Over 13,000 unique visits to the contest page
+ 14,000 video views
+ Over 2,000 votes cast
+  “I’ll Wait For You (G Train Song)” was the most viral entry, with over 1,200 shares.
+ Facebook was the most successful at getting votes; 700 votes came in through link sharing on Facebook walls.
+ Sharing via email generated more votes than sharing via Twitter.
+ New York state had the most visits (4,349 to be exact), but Texas came in strong with over 800. Turns out the winners, Teen Commandments, are from Texas, so this hometown support really helped give them an advantage.
+ Over 40 different countries viewed the contest including 6 unique views from the Philippines, 3 from Uganda & 1 from Romania.

The takeaway? Should you ever be in an online competition, be sure to bombard your friends and relatives with emails and Facebook posts. Social media, FTW!

*don’t be gross, guys

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