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Tune In To Brooklyn Unfiltered

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Don’t adjust your dials, folks: Brooklyn Unfiltered is coming in over the airwaves and hitting bars and taps near you. The beer itself is hazy, but the clean, smooth finish and gently bready body are perfectly tuned.

Brooklyn Unfiltered is our take on the keller pilsner style, which traces its roots to the oldest days of lagering. Back then, beers were stored in cool, dark caves for months to allow that distinct lager finish to develop. This process lent its name to the overall type, as the word “lager” comes from the German word for “hold” or “store,” while “keller” translates to “cellar.” Keller pilsners in particular were prized for their soft, refreshing flavors, while the gentle haze grants a bit of extra body to the beer.

Brooklyn Unfiltered is a perfect companion for the dinner table, the after party, and anywhere in between. Head to our Beer Finder to track it down near you, but be quick– this limited release will only be around for a little while.


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