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Black Ops

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Black Ops

Brooklyn Black Ops is a legend. We can neither confirm nor deny its existence. However, if it did exist, it would be a robust stout originally concocted by the Brooklyn brewing team under the cover of secrecy and hidden from everyone else at the brewery. Supposedly this vintage of Black Ops is aged for months in Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon barrels and re-fermented with Champagne yeast. Such a beer would raise a rich, fluffy dark brown head, and combine big chocolate and coffee notes with a rich underpinning of vanilla-like oak. Is Black Ops real? We can’t say. But we think you’ll love it.

Given this beer’s higher ABV and sturdy character, we think it’s a prime candidate for cellaring. Find a cool, dry spot away from light sources, and see how it changes in the years to come. You never quite know what will happen when you age a beer: perhaps the body will smooth out, notes of vanilla, oak, and tannins will come to the front, or hints of leather and soy sauce will make themselves known. No matter what, remember that beer is meant for drinking, so don’t keep it to yourself for too long.

Style: Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout
Additions: Aged in Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon barrels
Alcohol by Volume: 12.4% (2019)
Food Pairings: Dark chocolate ganache, Black Ops floats with vanilla ice cream, buttery pastries, and strong aged cheeses
Availability: Extremely limited
Format: 750ml cork-finished bottles, very rare draft

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