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The Stonewall Inn IPA

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The Stonewall Inn IPA

The Stonewall Inn IPA is a Citra-hopped session IPA. It features a hint of grapefruit and citrus peel on the nose, with a crisp yet mellow finish. We partnered with The Stonewall Inn to brew this beer to celebrate their history and to support the continuing work of The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative.

The Stonewall Inn has stood as a global icon for LGBTQ rights since the Stonewall Riots in 1969 kicked off the modern movement. It was declared a national monument by President Obama in 2016. The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative channels these decades of activism towards supporting and advancing LGBTQ communities in the US and around the world through events, fundraisers, social media campaigns, donations, and more. To support and learn more about The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, visit

The Stonewall Inn IPA is available in our Box Set variety packs from November to March and on draft at The Stonewall Inn and other taps that uphold similar standards of community and action. We are honored to link arms with The Stonewall Inn and #pourproudly for LGBTQ people everywhere.

Style: Session IPA
Malts: 2-row
Hops: Citra
Yeast: Our House Ale Yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 4.8%
Food Pairings: Tacos, fiery hot sauces, tropical fruit, parties, sharp cheddars, hard work and raised voices.
Availability: Limited in Box Set, year round on draft
Format: 12oz bottles in Brooklyn Box Set, 15.5 gal kegs

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