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Brooklyn Summer Ale

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Brooklyn Summer Ale

The minute the temperature starts to climb, it's time to break out Brooklyn Summer Ale. This light and zesty pale ale is brewed with warm weather adventures in mind. Be it rooftop or beach, pool or stoop, our Summer Ale is crisp, easy, and here to help you make the most of your summer.

Style: Sunny Pale Ale
Malts: 2-row, Carared, C-60
Hops: Willamette, Cascade, Amarillo
Yeast: Our house ale yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
Original Gravity: 11.5° Plato
Food Pairings: Salads, seafood, quiches, lightly spicy dishes, adventures, parties, brunch, cheddar, feta, and concerts
Availability: March-August
Format: 15.5 gal kegs; 5.2 gal kegs; 24/12oz bottles; 12oz cans; 16oz cans

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