Lauren Martin Draws The World Of Pulp Art Imperial IPA


Lauren Martin Draws The World Of Pulp Art Imperial IPA

Have you seen the big news? Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art Imperial IPA is heading your way, packed with radiant tropical hop flavors and a supersaturated 9% ABV. We’re celebrating the newest member of the Pulp Art family by teaming up with NYC-based artist and illustrator Lauren Martin to bring their world to life.

Lauren brought a true Pulp Art party to life, bringing her signature humor and vivid colors to show Imperial and Hazy IPA welcoming their most flavorful friends to the party. You’ll be able to see it soon on the wall of our Tasting Room – and you’ll be able to bring it home with a limited edition merch collection.

Our complete collection is available now on the Online Store and in our Tasting Room, including:

A splashy graphic T-shirt
This cheerful tote bag
A handy zip pouch for pens, craft supplies, and more
Our new favorite Nalgene
A sticker sheet to brighten up your space

You can see Lauren’s mural in our Tasting Room starting on April 21st, and find Pulp Art Imperial IPA wherever you buy your favorite beer. Stay tuned here and follow us on Instagram for all the latest news, and tag us when you add Pulp Art to your world.