Remembering Milton Glaser


Remembering Milton Glaser

We are sad to share that Milton Glaser, legendary graphic designer and creator of our logo, passed away yesterday at the age of 91.

Milton combined visual elements and artistic styles from around the world to create his work, forever changing the world of design. His most well-known pieces includes the iconic I ♥ NY logo, which Milton famously created with a crayon and a torn envelope in the back of a taxi; Dylan, more commonly known as the “Psychedelic Hair” poster he made for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits; and our own logo, incorporating nods to the Brooklyn Dodgers, our borough’s industrial history, and beer foam.

Milton met with our founders, Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, as they were just beginning to shape the Brooklyn Brewery. In addition to our logo, he created endless posters, packaging designs, motifs and more to bring Steve and Tom’s dream to life and make us who we are today. He will be deeply missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with his family, especially his wife, Shirley

Milton’s legacy is further celebrated in New York Magazine, which he fouunded alongside editor Clay Felker in 1968. He is also remembered here, in the New York Times.