Special Effects January Session:
Jordan Page


Special Effects January Session: Jordan Page

Our neighborhood has a distinct energy. That feeling comes from countless artists, musicians, crafters and creators, all working to follow their passion. Inspired by the new year and Dry – or Dryish – January ahead, we packed up some Brooklyn Special Effects and caught up with some of the makers in our neighborhood to see what drives them.

Jordan Page is a true multi-hyphenate – he’s a creative director, DJ, curator of @veryadvanced, brand owner and designer of Colour Plus Companie, and always looking for his next creative project. With collaborators ranging from Saucony and Caterpillar to 2 Chainz and Versace, Jordan is constantly putting the work in and putting himself out there to find his next opportunity.

We got together with Jordan during a day of finding inspiration and DJing to talk about keeping up his pace, creativity in NYC, and how Special Effects makes long work days and nights of networking possible.

Brooklyn Brewery: What is a normal day for you?
Jordan Page: A normal day includes waking up, going for a walk, grabbing a cup of coffee, maybe a hot chocolate, reading a bit, then doing some research for any creative work that I may have at the moment and doing the actual creative work. After that, it’s finding a good meal to eat and talking with friends and family. And, you know, just having a well-rounded, non-stressful day.

BB: What initially inspired you to do what you’re doing? What have you learned along the way?
JP: Love of the arts is what inspires me. I knew that for me to be fulfilled and satisfied, I needed to have a creative job more or less. And I’ve learned, not to sound cliche, but really be true to yourself and your purpose. Keep good people around you that you know will tell you if you’re not doing the right thing, but also motivate you and support you.

BB: How has living in New York City shaped your work?
JP: New York has taught me to be a resilient, inspired, motivated person. You can’t live here unless you are those things. You have to wake up with some sort of purpose every day in order to make it here.
You know, New York’s a tough place to live. It’s an expensive place to live. But as you get more opportunities, people pay you for your experience and your network. And so as you stay here, the opportunities grow too.

BB: That networking can be a lot, too. How do you think taking a break from drinking, like Dry January, fits in?
JP: In New York, there’s something to do every day. Every day you could be going out and drinking. I find freedom and clarity because I can wake up that next morning and not feel terrible because I wasn’t drinking too much the night before. I get a lot done. I’m more focused. I’m more motivated. My energy is much better. It’s all about what you prioritize because going out and drinking with people can also lead you to that next opportunity and that’s what networking in New York is about, you know?

BB: Great point. How do you see Special Effects fitting into that networking?
JP: With non alcoholic beverages you get the taste and the look and the feel of drinking a beer without doing so. You could be in those places where people are drinking and have a Special Effects Pils, and you can enjoy your night and be with your friends and be productive the next day. It’s a good thing.


Follow Jordan on Instagram for more style and creative inspiration, check out Colour Plus Companie to see more of his work, and find his music and even more ideas at @veryadvanced.

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