Steve Hindy’s Next Chapter


Steve Hindy’s Next Chapter

Thirty-six years ago, Steve Hindy convinced his neighbor and homebrew partner Tom Potter to quit his steady job at a bank and join Steve in starting a brewery. Thankfully, he succeeded and today, their dream is seen wherever Brooklyn Brewery beers are sold around the world. Steve’s vision, courage, and ingenuity have guided our company from the start. Today, we celebrate Steve’s enormous accomplishments as he embarks on his newest adventure: retirement!

Steve’s legacy here at Brooklyn Brewery is immeasurable. Not only did he lay the foundation of our brand, he built our values: hand-delivering carts of beer in our early days and creating strong bonds within our community, donating beer to artists and creators to support creativity and self-expression, and holding our products to the highest possible standards while breaking down barriers to make way for something new, daring, and mind-opening. While December 31st may mark his last day with us, his guiding principles will remain deeply rooted here at Brooklyn Brewery.

As our President Robin Ottaway said this week, “Steve is a GOAT, as the kids say. Greatest of All Time. How do you summarize a GOAT’s achievements in a few paragraphs? You don’t. You can’t. But hopefully these words impart a sense of what Steve means to Brooklyn, to Brooklyn Brewery, and to many of us personally.” And rest assured – as soon as it’s safe for us all to be together, we’re throwing Steve a party that will go down in history!

Cheers to Steve, and to Brooklyn!