Like our friend above, we’re just about made it through the cold and wet to another summer. Sure, we’re still wearing jackets to the Brewery, but more friends of ours than we’d like to admit are talking about warmer temperatures and posting pictures wearing– can it be?– shorts. Needless to say, we’re jealous.

We could sulk, but we’re going to be productive instead. We’re hitting the gym, or at least thinking about it more often than usual. Our spring cleaning is done, partially thanks to the snow trapping us inside. Oh, and did we mention Summer Ale has a new look?

Summer Ale is one of those beers that inspires more than a simple cheers for changing seasons. It invites stories, inspires party planning, and generally makes people’s eyes light up. We tried to capture that with a new pool-inspired bottle, and judging by the sheer number of labels that have “mysteriously” popped up on desks around the office, we think we nailed it.

And before you ask: the beer inside is the same sunny pale ale we all love. It isn’t broken, so we’re not fixing it.

Believe it or not, Summer Ale is now shipping from our warehouses. “Now?!” You holler through three scarves. “New York City is getting hit with snow tonight!” Yes, it is. That’s why we’re shipping it to our warmer friends first, then bringing it closer to home. And besides, if you’ve been reading our blog for a little while then you know we care more about drinking beer we like than pointing and shouting “seasonal creep.”

It’s up to you now to find the newly garbed Summer Ale in your neighborhood. Whether you’re already sporting a tan or you’re still sleeping under heaps of blankets, we think you’re going to dig the fresh look. And even if summer itself isn’t here yet, Summer Ale means it’s close enough to celebrate. Go out and party.