Brooklyn Lager Wins The Gold


Brooklyn Lager Wins The Gold

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Brooklyn Lager has always given us plenty to be proud of. We’ve been there while it grew from its scrappy days in the dawn of the craft beer revolution to become a mainstay of the industry. It has welcomed drinkers with open arms in craft bars, dives, music halls, and beyond, all across the world. And now, it’s got some brand new hardware: Brooklyn Lager won the Gold Medal for Amber Lager at this year’s World Beer Cup, and we couldn’t be more proud of our beer and our team.

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Brewer Ayad Qays provides a cameo. And no, that’s not the actual gold medal from the World Beer Cup; your author won it in a scavenger hunt.

When we talk about how proud we are of Brooklyn Lager (or any of our beers), the people who really deserve the thanks are our brewing and production team. Without the work of Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his brewing, cellaring, and packaging crew, along with the Operations folks in the office who keep things humming, there’s no beer at all, and no beer at all is no way to live. We raise our glass to them.

And they’re happy, too! Just look at Peter Steiner from our packaging team before we told him the news:

angry pete

And after:

happy pete

Our final thanks for Brooklyn Lager’s success goes to you, dear reader. Our amber lager would have stayed in the dreams of our co-founders Steve Hindy and Tom Potter if it hadn’t been for the past thirty years of support from you and your fellow beer drinkers around the world. Take this as our guarantee: keep drinking it, and we’ll keep it coming your way as fresh and delicious as ever.

Cheers to Brooklyn Lager, to us, and to you. We’ll see you at the bar.