As you may have noticed, the Weekly Sixer hasn’t quite lived up to the first part of its name recently. Thanks for your patience, let’s blame the holidays, and we’ll see you in 2018.

The Important Christmas Shopping: Still not sure which beers to bring for your picky family on Christmas? Leave it up to a collection of bloggers, with well-reasoned arguments for a variety of simple but intriguing beers. Or, if you’re in last place in your cousins’ fantasy football league, bring barleywine and let them figure it out.

Speaking of Barleywine: We’re established fans of Ommegang’s Game of Thrones beers. But the announcement of a Hand of the Queen Barleywine sends us into a state of nerd fervor that’s nearly dangerous. We’re looking forward to seeing this bottle soon, even if the show itself is going to be away for a long time.

Boozy Gifts That Count: Sure, giving liquor as a gift almost always works. But if you poll some of the leading bartenders on the scene today, they’ll recommend the sort of bottles that take your gift from Discount Place Nearby to A Grand Gesture Unto You. Smash your piggy bank and go impress someone…or yourself.

New Neighbors!: Brooklyn Cider House opened in Bushwick recently, bringing an old-world appreciation of cider to the neighborhood. If dry, funky ciders don’t catch your ear enough, perhaps the fact that you can enjoy a pour fresh from a thousands-of-gallons barrel will. We’re very excited to stop by and cider up.

Drinking Out Of A Show Surprisingly Legit: We’ve all picked some questionable drinking vessels in our time, but shoes seem to pop up with frightening regularity. Fortunately, the tradition seems to wander through hundreds of years of folklore, so it’s not just your friends being gross. It’s still a little weird, but at least your ancestors were in on the idea.

Have Cheer, Sixers: It’s been a weird year, dear readers. Take care of yourselves as we wind it down, enjoy whichever holidays you choose, and we’ll see you in 2018 with resolutions to break and stories to tell. Cheers!