Let’s Talk About Metal For A Second: Yes, we cover metal-inspired beers quite a bit here in Sixerland. With that in mind, despite the fact that it’s not directly beer-related, we’d be seriously remiss not to alert you that the incredible lineup of Behemoth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, and Lamb Of God are rumored to be touring together this summer, with one date already surfacing. Consider them your soundtrack for the weekend and dream to toast to until tickets go on sale.

Let’s Go Traveling: Alright, back to beer, but still on escapism. If you’re looking for a way to combine your love of beer with your deep-seated urge to flee your surroundings, allow us to recommend this list of beer-centric hotels scattered around the United States. Think of all the space you’ll save not packing beer for the way there, and all the socks you’ll throw away to fit the beer you’ll bring home!

Need New Glasses?: If your New Year’s Eve was anything like ours, you’re down a few fancy glasses. Take advantage of the opportunity and stock up on the sort of glassware that makes people think you have your life together when they come over. Just remember to learn from those New Year’s mistakes, and don’t put wine glasses in flipping distance of a Risk board.

Respect Your Whiskey: Much like the Giving Tree, whiskey is always here for you, but the relationship is much more equal if you’re committed to taking care of your whiskey as well. Take a second to study up on how to store your ever-important liquid friend, and it’ll come back to you many times over. Just remember: decanters are sort of unnecessary, but they can still be really cool.

Alright, Let’s Be Healthy: We know it’s no fun to think about starting a new fitness routine, but the new year does provide a convenient time to consider a life not spent winded by walking up the stairs. As you’re making your sore, shaking baby steps at the gym, consider adjusting your drinking habits too to keep an eye on your health. We’re not saying you have to give up much, but a few changes can reap plenty of benefit.

Meanwhile, In New Orleans: There’s more than meets the eye behind the wine program at Bacchanal, the best backyard wine-cheese-and-jazz party in New Orleans these days. Head into the weekend with the stories behind this noble institution, and good luck not booking plane tickets immediately to go visit. We hear the best days for booking are Tuesdays anyway.