New Neighbors: We know it’s hard to leave your blankets this time of year, but can you imagine a cozier way to pass the time than visiting a new brewery? Fortunately, Cat Wolinski put together a list for Brooklyn Based that covers some of the newest and most exciting breweries to join our home borough. We’ll see you at the bar, but we’re still going to wear slippers.

And While We’re Getting There: Next time you catch a car to a brewery, keep in mind you could be matching your logos. Lyft has announced a co-branded beer this week, which has the circular benefit of being a reminder to travel safely while you’re partying. No word on if the beer itself will cause you to grow a large, pink mustache, but we’ll let you know if we sprout anything over the weekend.

A Companion For The End Of The World: Dogfish Head wants to make sure you have everything you need for the end of days, including a beer to attract friends. Their new It’s The End Of The Wort As We Know It will be released from the brewery on January 27, and each 750ml bottle will come strapped with an emergency blanket, paracord, and Dogfish-branded Swiss Army knife. That should be enough to rebuild civilization, right?

Bucket List Beer Bars: You’ve got some traveling to do before the world collapses, fellow drinker. Luckily, VinePair put together a list of bucket list beer bars to try around the country. Who knows, if you’re up at Ebenezer’s Pub when the proverbial mess hits the fan, you might even survive in the company of over 700 bottles. Just don’t tell anyone else. Ah wait, it’s on the Internet now.

Clean Up Your Bar: It happens to the best of us: you finally pick up an elusive bottle of bitters, or fancy vermouth, or blend a shrub, only to lose track of it and find yourself wondering if it’s good to use months down the line. Supercall has your back with a list of commonly expired home bar fixtures and how to tell if they’re still good. Our advice: throw more parties and move through your stock.

What To Drink When You’re Claiming To Be Tired Of Whiskey: We don’t believe it’s possible to be tired of whiskey. But if variety is the spice of life, you might as well mix it up with some liquors that hit some of the same notes as everyone’s favorite brown liquor. Give it a try, and remember when you’re feeling down: whiskey will always be there for you. Always.