Brooklyn Comes To Tokyo: Welcome to B at K5


Brooklyn Comes To Tokyo: Welcome to B at K5

Over the weekend, we opened the doors to our newest space. Picture it in front of you: a long, dimly lit room, with a massive sixty foot bar extending down the entirety of one wall. People line the bar, watching skilled staff assemble tacos, pour Brooklyn Brewery beers, and talk about the music they’re into lately. A DJ flips through their vinyl from the corner, providing a thumping soundtrack. At the far end of the bar, you spy a Brooklyn Brewery neon sign. Looks like Brooklyn, feels like Brooklyn, must be Brooklyn. But wait, you think. Wasn’t I just in Tokyo?

You were, and you still are. We’re very proud to welcome you to B at K5, our new tasting room, eatery, and all-around cool spot, located in the thriving Nihonbashi neighborhood of Tokyo.

Japan has been one of our homes-away-from-home for decades. In 1989, an enterprising local imported a container of Brooklyn Lager, making Tokyo our first international market. Since then we’ve shared many beers, meals, punk shows and memories with our Japanese family across the city and around the country. Two years ago, we teamed up with our friends at Media Surf, Backpackers Japan, and a few other tasteful types and set out to find a spot to make our own and connect with the community. After a lot of looking, it’s finally here.

B at K5 is located in the basement level of the brand new K5 in Kabuto Cho in the middle of “Old Tokyo,” close to the bustle of Tokyo Station and Ginza. Originally a bank and once the home of the Japan Stock Exchange, the building is now filled with a variety of places to eat, drink, and hang out. The first floor features CAVEMAN, a new restaurant from the team behind Kabi in Meguro, Tokyo; Ao, a speakeasy-style bar produced by Kai Tanaka and Karin Nomura; SWITCH COFFEE, their third location in Tokyo; and plants throughout by Yardworks. The second through fourth floors feature the immaculately designed Hotel K5, with 20 rooms available for visitors. To find us, head to the staircase marked with murals from Masaya Nakayama (you might recognize them from his mural in our Williamsburg Tasting Room) and head underground.



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Once you’re inside B at K5, you’re one of us. This is a global stage for collaboration, where our friends (and yours, of course) can come together to create, inspire, and have a raucous good time. The bar menu is full of Brooklyn Brewery classics and rarities, some delicious new beer cocktails, and a rotating list of wines and sakes from Japan and Brooklyn. If you’re feeling hungry, turn to our list of tacos and Mexican street-food inspired snacks. You might encounter live bands, DJs, painters, tattooists, and artists from the local community, or share a table with a visiting group of Brooklynites. It’s the sort of scene where stories happen..

At the core of the space is our Corner Room, a dedicated space for parties, art shows, shoe shines, and whatever else we find interesting. Check in with our staff when you arrive and see what’s going on inside— chances are you’ll be invited in to check it out. Or, bring your own ideas and we’ll find some space to show them off. The Corner Room might be a small space, but it’s always welcoming.

If you’re in Tokyo now, heading there soon, or planning a trip around the Games this summer, come visit Monday through Friday from 4 PM to 11 PM or Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM to 11 PM. We’ve been waiting to share B at K5 with the world, and now it’s time to party together.