Meet Brooklyn Spritz: Equal Parts Fizzy & Fun


Meet Brooklyn Spritz: Equal Parts Fizzy & Fun

A well-made Spritz cocktail captures the spirit of living for lighthearted pleasure and joyful indulgence. It’s the sort of drink best suited to preposterous glasses,  sunny days, lively company, and avalanches of snacks. You can take the time and invest the resources to chase after this strangely specific fantasy. Or, you can grab up a can of Brooklyn Spritz and take it with you.

Anywhere you’re in need of a simple delight, Brooklyn Spritz is ready to help. Drink it right away, or pour it over ice (and an orange wedge if you’re feeling fancy) to marvel at its ruby-orange glow. Bright citrus and ticklish bubbles burst forth, ready for anything from the brunch table to a picnic spread. Plus, Brooklyn Spritz has about half the calories and sugar of a traditional Spritz cocktail, so there’s no worries if you feel like having more than one.

Brooklyn Spritz is on its way to fridges and shelves near you now. Keep an eye out for the bold orange six packs at your favorite spots, and use our Finder to track it down near you. After that, all that’s left is to gather some friends and go have some fun, wherever Brooklyn Spritz may take you.